11-night Asia Cruise

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Norwegian Cruise Line®
Norwegian Jewel
Hong Kong/Yokohama
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The Signature Collection – Exclusive Amenities
The Signature Collection Sailings offer Exceptional Value and Exclusive Amenities.


  • Oceanview - $50 Shipboard Credit
  • Balcony - $100 Shipboard Credit
  • Mini Suite - $150 Shipboard Credit
  • Suites & Haven - $200 Shipboard Credit

*Not applicable for categories OX, BX or MX. Additional restrictions may apply.

As the namesake of the Jewel-class cruise ships, you can bet that Norwegian Jewel has it all. As well as offering some of the largest suites at sea, there are staterooms to accommodate every guests' preference. When it comes to entertainment, this ship is filled with excitement. Her 16 dining options, 13 bars and nightclubs, and endless variety of onboard activities are just the beginning. So come aboard and enjoy island hopping in the Caribbean or exploring the majestic beauty of Alaska in the summer.


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Hong Kong
Suggested Private Excursion
3/21/2018 5:00:00 PM

As Asia’s premier gateway to China and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong offers a great travel experience. Visitors will find everything from hiking, horse racing and sailing to internationally renowned art galleries and lively art festivals. Some of the best hotels, dining and shopping in the world are found in this metropolis. Hong Kong is one of the world’s great cities and a delightful realm of natural wonders and serene rural villages. With its wealth of cultural attractions, Hong Kong invites exploration and inspires interest to even the most experienced traveler. Sights include Museum of History – which houses a collection of archaeological finds and historic photographs providing an introduction to Hong Kong’s history. Cultural Center is the city’s newest performing arts venue. The Space Museum’s dome, where Omnimax shows and astronomy exhibits are featured, is nearby. Adjacent is the Museum of Art. Stanley Market is an open-air market for browsing and finding bargains in fashions, leather, porcelain, and linens. Jade Market is a specialty market featuring 450 stalls with jade items.

Suggested Private Excursions

Hong Kong Lantau Cable Car, Great Buddha and Po Lin Monastery - 4 hours

Hong Kong Island Local Markets, Temple, Peak Tram and Sampan Ride - 4 hours

The Essence of Hong Kong (Luxury) - 8 hours

The Essence of Hong Kong (Public Transport) - 8 hours

The Spirit of Hong Kong - 8 hours

The Unvisited Hong Kong - 8 hours

3/22/2018 11:00:00 AM
3/22/2018 8:00:00 PM

Xiamen - a city in southern China on Amoy Island - is strategically situated near Quemoy Islands and Taiwan. It is a fishing and manufacturing center. Originally known as Jiahe Yu, the history of the island of Amoy dates back to the 12th century, when agriculture was the way of life. During the 14th century's Ming Dynasty, the island was renamed Xiamen and trade began. Foreign visitors, who were not permitted on the island until 1980, are now welcomed and delighted by the scenic beauty and historical treasures of Xiamen.

At Sea

No information currently available.

Suggested Private Excursion
3/24/2018 7:00:00 AM
3/24/2018 6:00:00 PM

Shanghai is a teeming metropolis of 11 million, bustling with energy, towering skyscrapers, art deco buildings, honking traffic, and shopping crowds. Once here, visitors will find Eastern ways abound: Tai Chi along the Bund, the serenity of exquisite ponds and gardens, and an endless flotilla of sampans edging along the Huangpu River. Explore Shanghai old and new: the busy bazaars and alleyways of the Old Town, Yu Garden, Wuxingting Tea House, Long Hua Temple and more.

Suggested Private Excursions

Shanghai City Tour - 4 hours

Shanghai Museum Tour - 4 hours

Shanghai Jewish Quarter Tour - 4 hours

Shanghai M50 Tour - 3 hours

Shanghai Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour - 4 hours

The Essence of Shanghai (Deluxe) - 8 hours

The Essence of Shanghai (Luxury) - 8 hours

Shanghai - The Gardens of Suzhou and Zhouzhuang - 8 hours

At Sea

No information currently available.

Tianjin (for Beijing)
3/26/2018 8:00:00 AM
3/26/2018 7:00:00 PM

Besides being a business and trade center, Tianjin is also a famous historic and cultural city. The principal sights are: Huangyaguan Great Wall, Dagukou Emplacement, Dule Temple, Mt. Panshan, Haihe Park, Water Park, Central Line Scenic Area, and Culture and Food Streets.
The visitor can also enjoy the varied and beautiful architectures of the old concessionary areas where various objects and antiques can be found in the winding streets of the antique market. Food in Tianjin is quite different from other regions in China. The famous Tianjin-style braised creamed cabbage (steamed stuffed buns called "goubuli") are definitely worth a try. Fish and seafood are also very common. In the Chinese custom, fish is brought live to the table before being prepared according to your taste in either a local or a more cosmopolitan style. A discussion with the waiter on how to cook the meal is one of the pleasures of eating in China.

At Sea

No information currently available.

3/28/2018 12:00:00 PM
3/28/2018 9:00:00 PM

Hakata is a port city that merged with Fukuoka city, and is now one of the largest cities in the northern part of Japan. There is a fantastic shopping and entertainment complex on the water at Hakata Wharf . Inside the building there is a beautiful aquarium, which contains about 500 fish from the local sea. There is also a museum, a year-round indoor snowboard facility, and the Hakata Port Tower. The wharf is also the boarding point for many sightseeing cruises and passenger ferries. And if that were not enough there is also Canal City Hakata, where the canal has been turned into a nature garden, with plants, live fish and even fireflies. The complex contains two hotels, office space, a movie theater with 13 screens, a Sega amusement park, a theater for musicals and plays, and a variety of shopping and dining.

At Sea

No information currently available.

Kyoto (Kobe)
Suggested Private Excursion
3/30/2018 8:00:00 AM
3/30/2018 7:00:00 PM

Kobe, located in Japan, is capital of Hyogo Prefecture, southwestern Honshu Island, on Osaka Bay, near the city of Osaka. Since the 1890s several adjoining cities, including Hyogo, have been absorbed by Kobe. Behind the narrow coastal site of the city are mountains on which suburban residences and hotels have been built. Many Christian churches, Shinto and Buddhist temples and shrines, two famous statues of Buddha, a fine arts museum, and a municipal museum with a collection on Western cultural contact are in Kobe. From here you can also visit Kyoto, Nara and Sorakuen Garden.

Suggested Private Excursions

Kobe: Kyoto Full Day Excursion

Kobe: Half Day Excursion

3/31/2018 12:00:00 PM
3/31/2018 8:00:00 PM

Shimizu is located on the northwest coast of Suruga Bay on the island of Honshu. Protected by a sandspit, it is a major commercial port and fishing centre. Places of scenic and historic interest include the Pine Groves of Miho, the Ryuge Temple, containing a fern palm believed to be more than 1,000 years old, and the nearby Nippon-Daira plateau.

Suggested Private Excursion
4/1/2018 6:30:00 AM

Yokohama is located on the southern part of Honshu Island, on the western shore of Tokyo Bay, and is our gateway to Tokyo. It has excellent harbour facilities and is one of the leading ports industrial centres of Japan. There are numerous shrines, temples, and Christian churches and a number of beautiful parks. A small fishing village in 1854, Yokohama was almost totally destroyed in 1923 by an earthquake. Gradually reconstructed the city is now among the most modern in Japan. It was heavily bombed in 1945, during World War II.

Suggested Private Excursions

Tokyo for Art Lovers - 9 hours

The Best of Tokyo's Quirky Trends - 9 hours

Classic Tokyo - 9 hours

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Stateroom Description & Pricing Info

Inside Cruise Only Price  
IF - Inside Stateroom $1379
IE - Mid-Ship Inside Stateroom CALL
IA - Mid-Ship Inside Stateroom

IB - MId-Ship Inside Stateroom CALL
IC - Inside Stateroom CALL
ID - Inside Stateroom CALL
IX - Guarantee Inside CALL
I1 - Family Inside Stateroom CALL
Obstructed View Cruise Only Price  
OK - Obstructed Oceanview Stateroom CALL
Porthole Cruise Only Price  
OG - Oceanview Porthole Window Stateroom CALL
OF - Mid-Ship Oceanview Porthole Window Stateroom CALL
Oceanview Cruise Only Price  
OA - Oceanview Picture Window Stateroom

OC - Oceanview Picture Window Stateroom CALL
OB - Mid-Ship Oceanview Picture Window Stateroom CALL
OX - Guarantee Oceanview CALL
O1 - Family Oceanview Picture Window Stateroom CALL
Balcony Cruise Only Price  
BX - Guarantee Balcony $1799
BD - Balcony Stateroom $2049
BC - Balcony Stateroom

BB - Balcony Stateroom

BA - Mid-Ship Balcony Stateroom $2449
B2 - Family Balcony Stateroom $2479
B1 - Aft-Facing Balcony Stateroom $2599
B3 - Family Balcony Stateroom CALL
Mini-Suite Cruise Only Price  
MX - Guarantee Mini-Suite $1949
MB - Mini-Suite with Balcony $2199
MA - Mid-Ship Mini-Suite with Balcony $2499
M1 - Aft-Facing Mini-Suite with Balcony $2599
Suite Cruise Only Price  
SF - Penthouse with Large Balcony $4249
SE - Penthouse with Large Balcony $4499
SC - 2-Bedroom Family Suite with Balcony $4899
H4 - The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony $6699
H1 - The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa $16999
H3 - The Haven Owner's Suite with Large Balcony CALL
H5 - The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony CALL

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Rates are cruise only, per person, based on double occupancy. Government fees/taxes of $214 additional for all guests. Fuel surcharges may apply. Please ask your travel counselor for details. Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. Restrictions may apply.

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