Shore Excursions

Dogsledding in Alaska. Scuba diving in Belize. Surfing in Hawaii. Norwegian Cruise Line has scoured the world and found the best tour operators in every port of call. So book your Shore Excursions with Norwegian Cruise Line and get your money's worth and then some. You can book your adventures ashore up to five days prior to sailing, so take a look and book now, as the favorites sell out fast.

More choices - Whether its adventure, leisure or a sightseeing tour, Norwegian Cruise Line offers something for everyone with expert tour advice tailored for your budget.

Value & convenience - When you book your Shore Excursions with Norwegian Cruise Line, you'll have one-stop shopping and hassle-free fun at a great value that's conveniently charged to your onboard account.

Peace of mind - Norwegian Cruise Line only partners with tour operators that are fully insured and you'll never get hit with a hidden cost for transfers or entrance fees when you book with us. Plus, there is convenient drop-off and pick-up right at the pier.

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